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Double stroller: which one to choose among all the models?

Double stroller: which one to choose among all the models?

With a baby on the way, strollers are indispensable elements in family life swing and bouncer combo, especially the double stroller, if you are expecting twins or when the children have a small age gap, seems a blessing. If you only have one, you can discover the top baby strollers

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The different double stroller configurations

The double stroller in line

Children of early age have different needs, the single file double stroller meets those needs. Your oldest child will like to enjoy the world around him by being in the front seat baby journey, while your smaller baby will need his quiet space to sleep in the back.

This type of stroller is particularly suitable for urban areas. In fact, a double in-line stroller is the same width as a single stroller. Ideal for tackling narrow sidewalks or store checkouts!

There are also face-to-face configurations, which allows both children to be stretched out at the same time while having the advantages of the reduced width.

Side-by-side double stroller

The side-by-side double stroller allows you to bring a real bond between your children by putting them side by side to promote their exchanges and by awakening them to the world in the same way. The side-by-side double stroller is recommended for twins. Most models allow the seat backs to be tilted independently to nap at their own pace.

The different characteristics of a double stroller

The double cane stroller

This stroller inherits all the advantages of the single cane stroller. It is lighter than most double strollers and it can be folded easily and compactly for easy transport. Remember to check the dimensions of the stroller once folded to know if it fits in the trunk of the car!

The 3-wheel double stroller

For those who wish to think outside the box, the 3-wheel double stroller is available!

Intended above all for uneven terrain, it is just as suitable for city routes. Its unique front wheel gives it excellent maneuverability.

Safety considerations for double strollers

Safety standards

Most models meet European safety standards EN 1888 which replaces the French standard NF S 54-001.

This safety standard covers the following points:

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All strollers are tested to ensure excellent stability even when loaded with shells and carrycots.

Braking system

Double strollers are particularly checked on the brakes. Indeed, with two children it is much heavier than a conventional stroller and becomes difficult to stop without assistance.

The harness

Your child is properly secured in the stroller with a harness or seat belt, which prevents slipping out of the stroller.

The comfort points of double strollers

The seating configuration

In the case of newborns, your double stroller must have approved seats. These will allow you to lay your babies flat to allow them to sleep peacefully. The other strollers are approved for babies from 6 months.

The weight of the double stroller

The weight of the strollers can be very different from one model to another, expert advises you to choose lightness with strollers with an aluminum frame.

Swivel wheels

The swivel wheels make it easier to move around and optimize the maneuverability of the double stroller.

The adjustable handlebars

Choose a double stroller for which the handlebars are easily manoeuvrable and height adjustable. Some models offer a handlebar with an integrated braking system for safe driving.

The hood

The hood is present on many models of double strollers. It helps protect children from the sun’s rays. Make sure it has enough coverage and has an opening to keep an eye on your babies.

For baby’s comfort

You can opt for double strollers equipped with footrests, shock absorbers and padded hammocks for an extremely cozy seat.

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