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Recommendations For Inspection And Visit Before Buying A House

Before buying a house, it is necessary to do a preliminary inspection and check that it meets your expectations. At vivires we recommend you prepare a checklist to make sure you do not overlook any details when buying a home. In this article we help you prepare everything you need for the inspection.

Choose well your options to buy a house

Time is very precious. Choose well which are the options to buy a house that most attract your attention to avoid making visits in vain.

Only go to those properties that meet your needs and are within your budget to buy a house. An inspection is generally the ideal situation to gather the necessary information, use the checklist to evaluate all the alternatives, and make the right decision.

Ask persistent questions

Ask the seller about all those questions that are important to you when buying a house. Pay attention to how he reacts to critical issues and whether he has a good sense of what your needs are. Determine in advance if the seller has provided you with the important documents (extract from the land register, plans, sales requirements, etc.) or if they will be available during the inspection.

It would be a very hasty and bad decision if, during the inspection, the seller demands some kind of written commitment or, worse still, the signing of a contract to buy a house. Remember that the sale process must be handled by a notary, in accordance with the Law, in a public registry.

Check but be objective

A good way to help your memory is to take pictures of the houses visited, either with a camera or with your mobile. Also, if you go with a companion, you reduce the risk of overlooking important aspects or letting yourself be carried away by emotions. Even if the kitchen or balcony is not spectacular, these are not the only things that make a property suitable.

Multiple inspections

Recommendation: Visit the neighborhood several times and be sure to do so at different times of the day and on different days of the week. Even if you can’t inspect the interior of the house countless times, just spending considerable time in the vicinity can give you a better sense of the location. This way you can get different impressions about lighting, noise, smells, environment, etc.

The purchase contract is decisive

Watch out! Make sure you know all the details related to the house, the construction, the design and even the decoration. If you visit a flat in a residential building, remember that the furniture inside is there for informational purposes only and is not binding. Buying a house includes only what is described in the contract (or in the description of the property included in the contract). Street noise and sunlight can be very different in the home or apartment of your choice than in the model home that you previously inspected.

3 final tips for buying a home

  • An inspection will help you check if the home you want to buy meets your expectations. Take this very seriously and ask the questions that you consider appropriate.
  • Visiting a home is not synonymous with commitment. Feel free to say no in case the home doesn’t exceed your expectations. Remember that you have the last word.
  • Bring a checklist with the most important aspects you need to buy a house: number of rooms, size, terrace, energy certificate, building materials, etc.

In the search engine to buy a dwelling house you have filters so that you can focus on what interests you the most.

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