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Choosing a Kankakee home inspector can be difficult. I have worked in Kankakee and the Chicagoland suburbs for most of my adult life and am familiar with the different types of construction throughout the Kankakee area.  My home inspections are thorough and detailed with photos of all deficiencies found during your home inspection. Mold air sampling and surface sampling are available and recommended if there are moisture intrusion issues found during the home inspection. Mold inspection lab results are available 24 hours after the lab receives the samples.  An Infrared Thermal Imaging scan of your home can reveal anomalies that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Whether it's a Kankakee condo or a single family Kankakee home, you can rest assured you will get a complete inspection. Once you have settled into your new home you will need to go out and enjoy all that Kankakee has to offer.

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