What is a Thermal Home Inspection

About Thermal Inspections

Dapkus Home Inspections offers advantages to you over Chicago home inspectors who offer thermal imaging home inspections. A majority of the inspectors that offer this service lack the formal training, certification and experience needed to evaluate thermal anomalies found during a thermal scan of your home. Online certification is not the same as Building Science Certification or Level 1 training and certification provided by the world's leader in thermographer certification.
Infrared Image Taken During Home Inspection

Once only the domain of military, science and space programs, Infrared Thermal Imaging (ITI) has made its way into the industrial and commercial sector. Founded on the exact same technologies as used by advanced military aircraft, weather satellites and even the space shuttle, ITI technology for home inspections provide our inspectors with a view of your property like no other. With ITI technology, we can see beyond the spectrum of "natural light" (which is the light that bounces off all object we can see under the sun or under a light bulb), and measure the temperature variances of any surface to determine where heat, cold, moisture and even mold be occurring in undesirable places.

Because everything has a surface temperature, ITI technology allows us to see the variances in those surface temperatures. The variances are represented by different color tones with the color black representing the coldest temperatures and the color white representing the hottest temperatures. Any color in the red, orange and yellow hues represents warmth while color in the green, purple and blue hues represents cooler temperatures.


As human beings, we are limited to seeing light only in the visible spectrum called white light. This is the light that bounces off everyday objects whether that light is being emitted by our Sun or an artificial source such as a light bulb. Without assistance from technology, we are unable to see surface temperature variances, and it is the ability to see these variances that allows us to more-accurately identify potential, and immediate, problems in your home that would have otherwise been missed.

The unique aspect of seeing surface temperature variances is that such variances can be caused by issues that may lie below the surface of a floor, behind a wall, or above a ceiling - places that are "out of sight" and are thus out-of-mind. Also, surface temperature variances can be caused by airflow such as cold air seeping under a door or warm air leaking from central air ducts. The air itself changes the surface temperature of objects that come in contact with the air.
Infrared Image of Moisture Found During Home Inspection
Surface temperatures can also be changed by living organisms such as mold, mildew and household pests. Because these organisms often thrive in places that cannot be seen by the naked eye (such as behind walls), the use of ITI technology allows us to pinpoint exactly where a problem area is in your home without the need for any immediate invasive damage to the structure of your home.

Finally, thermal imaging technology allows us to more-accurately identify damage to your home's electrical systems. By being able to pinpoint "hot spots" in fuse boxes and household wiring, we can provide you and your electrician with detailed imagery that will help the electrician to identify defects and make repairs more quickly to save you money.

In short, ITI technology is purposefully designed to provide you with a level of service that increases the speed by which many household problems can be identified, reduces the collateral damage required to fix those problems, increases the accuracy rate of correctly identifying problems, and helps you to catch small problems sooner so that don't become expensive or unmanageable problems that can affect your family's health or your financial well-being.