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We are Chicagoland's only infrared home inspection company to provide your infrared home inspections by a Certified Level 3 Thermographer.  Since 2007, all  of our infrared inspections have conducted in accordance with The Infraspection Institute  and ASTM Infrared  Standards for infrared inspections.

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We do not offer "free" appliance warranties or other "free" services in exchange for our client's information.

We have completed over 4,000 inspections since 2006. Experience and certification does matter.
Dapkus Home Inspections is a full time home inspection company dedicated to thorough and detailed  inspections for our clients. 

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Our radon testing is performed by State of Illinois licensed professionals.

Dapkus Home Inspections is Chicago's #1 source of "state of the art" home  inspections.
 I personally perform every home inspection myself and inspect every home as if I was buying the home for my family. My inspection report is easy to understand, contains photos of problem areas and is ready within 24 hours or less. As we perform the inspection I will explain, in plain English, any deficiencies we come across. We utilize various sensors to check for moisture intrusion and we have an
Infrared Imaging camera in our toolbag to put ourselves one step ahead of our competition. 
Do we have an advantage over our competition? I think so.

HUD Fee Inspector # C214