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Double stroller: which one to choose among all the models?

Double stroller: which one to choose among all the models?

With a baby on the way, strollers are indispensable elements in family life swing and bouncer combo, especially the double stroller, if you are expecting twins or when the children have a small age gap, seems a blessing. If you only have one, you can discover the top baby strollers

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The different double stroller configurations

The double stroller in line

Children of early age have different needs, the single file double stroller meets those needs. Your oldest child will like to enjoy the world around him by being in the front seat baby journey, while your smaller baby will need his quiet space to sleep in the back.

This type of stroller is particularly suitable for urban areas. In fact, a double in-line stroller is the same width as a single stroller. Ideal for tackling narrow sidewalks or store checkouts!

There are also face-to-face configurations, which allows both children to be stretched out at the same time while having the advantages of the reduced width.

Side-by-side double stroller

The side-by-side double stroller allows you to bring a real bond between your children by putting them side by side to promote their exchanges and by awakening them to the world in the same way. The side-by-side double stroller is recommended for twins. Most models allow the seat backs to be tilted independently to nap at their own pace.

The different characteristics of a double stroller

The double cane stroller

This stroller inherits all the advantages of the single cane stroller. It is lighter than most double strollers and it can be folded easily and compactly for easy transport. Remember to check the dimensions of the stroller once folded to know if it fits in the trunk of the car!

The 3-wheel double stroller

For those who wish to think outside the box, the 3-wheel double stroller is available!

Intended above all for uneven terrain, it is just as suitable for city routes. Its unique front wheel gives it excellent maneuverability.

Safety considerations for double strollers

Safety standards

Most models meet European safety standards EN 1888 which replaces the French standard NF S 54-001.

This safety standard covers the following points:

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All strollers are tested to ensure excellent stability even when loaded with shells and carrycots.

Braking system

Double strollers are particularly checked on the brakes. Indeed, with two children it is much heavier than a conventional stroller and becomes difficult to stop without assistance.

The harness

Your child is properly secured in the stroller with a harness or seat belt, which prevents slipping out of the stroller.

The comfort points of double strollers

The seating configuration

In the case of newborns, your double stroller must have approved seats. These will allow you to lay your babies flat to allow them to sleep peacefully. The other strollers are approved for babies from 6 months.

The weight of the double stroller

The weight of the strollers can be very different from one model to another, expert advises you to choose lightness with strollers with an aluminum frame.

Swivel wheels

The swivel wheels make it easier to move around and optimize the maneuverability of the double stroller.

The adjustable handlebars

Choose a double stroller for which the handlebars are easily manoeuvrable and height adjustable. Some models offer a handlebar with an integrated braking system for safe driving.

The hood

The hood is present on many models of double strollers. It helps protect children from the sun’s rays. Make sure it has enough coverage and has an opening to keep an eye on your babies.

For baby’s comfort

You can opt for double strollers equipped with footrests, shock absorbers and padded hammocks for an extremely cozy seat.

An Introduction to Free Whatsapp for your computer

An Introduction to Free Whatsapp for your computer


Whatsapp is a free messaging app. Along with messages you can also share videos, photos, voice recordings, songs etc. There is a button on pressing which you can record your voice message and by releasing the button you can send the voice message to your friend. There is still no comparison of whatsapp with other messenger apps web app development. Example of other messenger apps are- Kik, Skype, Snapchat, we chat, hip-chat, social-cast, live go, IM+ etc. Earlier whatsapp was a mobile app only but now you can use it on your computer as well.


Whatsapp on your phone works as whatsapp server for your whatsapp for computer. There is sync between your computer and phone for the messages you send and all the messages are visible on both the devices. Only android, windows phone 8.0, windows phone 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 SIM EVO, blackberry and BB 10 smart phones can get you whatsapp on PC. Same whatsapp account can be accessed on the phone as well as on the computer.

Complicated Application Processes 'Drive The Best Candidates Away'.

Minimum requirements to get whatsapp on your PC-

  • You should have an active whatsapp account on your phone
  • A stable internet connection is needed both on the phone and the computer
  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera is needed as your web browser.


Pair your phone with your computer first to get started with whatsapp for your PC. Open whatsapp on your phone and go to whatsapp menu then in whatsapp web or whatsapp for PC. Then scan the QR code on your computer and be sure to always be connected with a Wi-Fi connection in order to avoid data usage charges on your phone.

How to install and use WhatsApp on your PC


What is special with Whatsapp for Windows 7 PC free Download?


Whatsapp was not available for computers but now it has become a myth as you can now have access to whatsapp through your windows PC 7. Now you can have whatsapp for windows 7 PC free download using simple methods available over the web. The founders of Whatsapp were the former employees of yahoo. 55 peoples are employed in the company which is based in Mountain view, California. In late January 2015 whatsapp was made available for computer. For the browser application to work, the whatsapp user handset must be connected to internet preferably Wi-Fi to avoid the data charges.


A user account is created upon installation, using phone number of the user as user name. Numbers in user contact list who are using whatsapp are automatically shown in user’s whatsapp contact list.


The conclusion:

Whatsapp also allows you to upgrade your profile photo and status. You can change your profile picture according to your suitability. Also, it is a secure app as it allows you to block the person whom you do not want to have a conversation with. So, no need to worry about the people to whom you don’t like or love to talk. Simply block them by using its functionality.

How Does Works Multi-Touch Technology

How Does Works Multi-Touch Technology?

Digital advertising Malaysia Multi-touch is one type of technology that is allowing a device to recognize and process multiple touches simultaneously. Most touchscreen devices are only capable of allowing a single touch. So if you are attempting to place your fingers on two different areas of the device at the same time, it will be only registered the location touched by your first finger. Multi-touch technology is developed to eliminate this problem and it is supporting the use of multiple, simultaneous touches. More devices are supporting multi-touch technology for instance that can implement functionality such as pinch-to-zoom, the activation of subroutines. These are attached to gestures, additional controls, and much more. This is just the tip of the iceberg. When it is coming to the benefits of using multi-touch technology.

Working of Multi-Touch 

  • Multi-Touch technology is working with touch-screen and TrackPad interfaces. Both of these surfaces can be measured and responded to pressure through the use of a pressure-sensitive panel carrying an electrical charge.
  • This multi-Touch technology pressure is applied and the electrical charge is disrupted that is read by the computer as an input.
  • This input is translated to a corresponding motion or function. Multi-Touch technology is allowing these panels. It is read and interpret multiple pressure points that are including gestures at the same time.
  • Typically, the multi-touch technology is working in conjunction with an ASIC sensor that is fixed on the device’s surface.
  • The sensor is identified as the point or points of touch, relaying this information to the device’s onboard computer system.
  • There are also multi-touch gestures that the name is supporting the use of predefined motions to interact with the respective device. You can be finding a variety of laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers with multi-touch gestures.
  • You are searching for multi-touch technology and a multi-touch solution in office is being used in a wide range of different smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen-enabled devices. This is including both the iPhone and iPad. Apple, Inc.
  • Holds several patents are related to the implementation of multi-touch technology. The tech giant event is attempted to trademark the word Multi-touch.
  • Although this request has been rejected by the patent and trademark office. This is citing the reason for it being too generic.

Future of Multi-Touch

  • As touch-screen interfaces have become more commonplace, multimedia display in retail can be expecting more and more uses to be realized from this technology.
  • Already, Multi-Touch technology is allowing users to swipe, scroll, select, zoom in, zoom out, and move a cursor about.
  • In the future, you may be able to operate objects that were once static and 2D in a 3D realm. Alternatively, you can be rotated objects, flip them over, or manipulate them in other ways, through a simple hand gesture.
  • The hardware is there all that is left is for the technology to ignite the minds of inventors around the world to create clever new uses


Get Your Gambling Game On Top And Choose The Best Situs Poker Online

With the ever-growing recognition and crazy of online gambling 96ace indonesia, more and more websites are now coming up with their unique games, great graphics, and rewards that attract the customers on an exceptional scale. Surely, being a part of the highly competitive market is not as easy as it sounds and thus, professionals are leaving no stone unturned to bring their situs Poker Online on a high level. But, how do you choose a poker platform as a player? What are those few things that help you define a place as beneficial and not fraud? Well, if you are a beginner, we are here to help you out!


Here is how you can select the best situs Poker Online

  • Go through the rules, regulations, and framework of the website– while some poker platforms are highly credible, others are totally fraud and this can be easily detected through their working framework and policies. If you are someone new who is entering into the segment, make sure you thoroughly read every bit of the information being served by them. This will not only help you to be on the safe side but will eventually save you from spending your money on the wrong platform. 
  • Read all the details, the reviews, and ratings of the firm– another most essential thing that you must focus on while searching for a good situs Poker Online is that, you should always go through the ratings, reviews, and other similar details that the customer has posted on the particular website. The right customer experience and details will help you to get everything on the spot. In fact, through this, you can easily judge a company based on how serious and credible it is.  


Advantages of situs poker games

With the headway in innovation, the universe of gambling clubs has likewise jumped. Innovation has supplanted the customary club bars with online club games. Individuals can undoubtedly get to gambling club sports from their preferred gadgets today. Putting down wagers has now gotten more viable and simple. Gambling clubs are otherwise called the round of possibility. At situs poker, online numerous such gambling club games are promptly accessible. Of all gambling club games, space games have the best winning advantages. The big stake reward is the best element that an opening game provides for its players. Consequently, gambling machine games have a tremendous fan base contrasted with other club games. 

At Situs poker online even the beginners can play gambling machine games without any problem. In the article, you will get familiar with the basic strides, to begin with, opening games. These means assist anybody with playing openings effectively and increment their triumphant possibilities. With the evolution of new varieties of Situs poker sites, it becomes difficult for you to choose the best site. But now there are verified that which you can find over the internet to have a safe play.  


Thus, unless you are pretty much sure about all these factors, never plan to bet on any situs Poker Online! 

Tips For Inspecting Various Areas Of A House

During the second pass, check the ceiling by walking around the room again. Check for water spots and cracks that could indicate a structural problem.

Look at electrical outlets to make sure they are clean (not painted) and show no sign of smoke or burn marks. And don’t forget to check all the light switches and ceiling fans to make sure they work.

During a typical inspection, home inspectors generally operate all installed appliances, such as the dishwasher, range / oven, microwave, vent hood, garbage disposal, and sink. They also notice problems with countertops, cabinets and drawers, R / O systems, compactors, and built-in refrigerators (if any).

Inspect the exterior of the house

Look at the grounds around the house and make sure the ground is sloped away from the house and that gutters, downspouts, and downspout extensions are present and in good repair. Look for damaged or missing caulk and flashing, especially around windows, doors, butt joints, and siding transitions. These simple observations can save big expenses in the future.

Roof inspection

During a tour of the house, pay particular attention to how the decks are attached to the house, which is usually done with a ledger or starter board. A professional will use ½ ”lag screws with washers in a staggered pattern to hold this board. They will also protect the ledger with flashing to stop water infiltration. If there is no flicker, the water will weaken and rot the ledger over time, possibly finding its way into the house and causing hidden pockets of rot and mold.

The guardrails also receive additional scrutiny during inspection. Did you know that railings must withstand 200 pounds of force at any point along their length? Always look at a platform with safety in mind. If someone stumbles on your next barbecue, the railing should keep them from coming off the edge.

Inspect crawl spaces

Each part of the country has its own unwanted pests, so when inspecting the driveway, keep in mind that you may not be alone. As such, a powerful flashlight and good eyesight are required.

Regardless of the type of foundation the home has, look for loose material (stone, brick, etc.), bulging walls, excessive sedimentation, subsidence, moisture intrusion, and how the building structure is attached.

The dryer vents should never end in the crawl space, and the HVAC ducts should be supported and insulated. In colder climates, the floor must be well insulated from below.

Recommendations For Inspection And Visit Before Buying A House

Before buying a house, it is necessary to do a preliminary inspection and check that it meets your expectations. At vivires we recommend you prepare a checklist to make sure you do not overlook any details when buying a home. In this article we help you prepare everything you need for the inspection.

Choose well your options to buy a house

Time is very precious. Choose well which are the options to buy a house that most attract your attention to avoid making visits in vain.

Only go to those properties that meet your needs and are within your budget to buy a house. An inspection is generally the ideal situation to gather the necessary information, use the checklist to evaluate all the alternatives, and make the right decision.

Ask persistent questions

Ask the seller about all those questions that are important to you when buying a house. Pay attention to how he reacts to critical issues and whether he has a good sense of what your needs are. Determine in advance if the seller has provided you with the important documents (extract from the land register, plans, sales requirements, etc.) or if they will be available during the inspection.

It would be a very hasty and bad decision if, during the inspection, the seller demands some kind of written commitment or, worse still, the signing of a contract to buy a house. Remember that the sale process must be handled by a notary, in accordance with the Law, in a public registry.

Check but be objective

A good way to help your memory is to take pictures of the houses visited, either with a camera or with your mobile. Also, if you go with a companion, you reduce the risk of overlooking important aspects or letting yourself be carried away by emotions. Even if the kitchen or balcony is not spectacular, these are not the only things that make a property suitable.

Multiple inspections

Recommendation: Visit the neighborhood several times and be sure to do so at different times of the day and on different days of the week. Even if you can’t inspect the interior of the house countless times, just spending considerable time in the vicinity can give you a better sense of the location. This way you can get different impressions about lighting, noise, smells, environment, etc.

The purchase contract is decisive

Watch out! Make sure you know all the details related to the house, the construction, the design and even the decoration. If you visit a flat in a residential building, remember that the furniture inside is there for informational purposes only and is not binding. Buying a house includes only what is described in the contract (or in the description of the property included in the contract). Street noise and sunlight can be very different in the home or apartment of your choice than in the model home that you previously inspected.

3 final tips for buying a home

  • An inspection will help you check if the home you want to buy meets your expectations. Take this very seriously and ask the questions that you consider appropriate.
  • Visiting a home is not synonymous with commitment. Feel free to say no in case the home doesn’t exceed your expectations. Remember that you have the last word.
  • Bring a checklist with the most important aspects you need to buy a house: number of rooms, size, terrace, energy certificate, building materials, etc.

In the search engine to buy a dwelling house you have filters so that you can focus on what interests you the most.

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